Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Grave Decorations On A Budget

This year we needed to make the Christmas Decorations for the graves on a very tight budget.  While on Pinterest I seen pictures of decorated yule logs and thought maybe we could do something like that for Mom and Dad's grave.  We had logs but we couldn't find one that was right so we ended up using one that was split in half.  We went to my brothers and gathered pine boughs and cones. Our neighbor has a large holly bush so we asked her for a few sprigs of holly.

Our goal was to do it for ten dollars or under so we went to Walmart for floral wire, ribbon, and flowers.  If we had not splurged and bought a ready made bow we would have been under ten dollars.

Here is a picture of all the materials, we ended up not using the red ribbon in the picture. We found it impossible to work with so we splurged and bought a ready made bow.  We hate making bows and we found a pretty silver one that would tie in with some silver butterflies we already had.

We made the base by wiring the greenery to the log making a full base to add the flowers and other greenery to.

We added the flowers by sticking them under the wire to anchor them.  The pine cones and holly we just stuck down tight into the greenery.  We added the two butterflies we had bought a couple months ago instead of using a bow.

We sprayed some artificial snow on it which will probably get washed off when it rains.

We also made a swag and that is where we used the ready made bow.  We choose a silver bow to tie in with the silver butterflies.  To view how these look on the grave check out the post, A Merry Heavenly Christmas.


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