Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Merry Heavenly Christmas

It is hard to believe we are only a couple weeks away from Christmas. Everyone is rushing to get everything done, there is shopping to be done, houses to clean, menu's to figure out,and food to prepare.  We all want everything to be perfect and nice.  Even with all there is to do we don't want to forget to wish our loved ones that are no longer with us, a Merry Heavenly Christmas.   Here at Three Gypsy Souls we had planned on making a beautiful Christmas arrangement for the top of Mom and Dads headstone.  We ordered the floral saddle from Ebay and we had figured it would take twenty-five to thirty dollars for the greenery and flowers.  It was going to be beautiful!

It seemed like everything that could happen did, causing us to be a little short on money this month. Now mom would be the first to tell us to forget about making fancy headstone decorations.  We thought we were just going to have to forgo decorating their graves for Christmas. This is our first Christmas without mom so this decision was difficult for us. 

While on Pinterest I saw a decorated yule log and my creative wheels started turning.  I thought, we have some logs, we can find some pine boughs at my brother’s place, and we can find pine cones in our backyard that have dropped off the neighbors trees.  My neighbor also has a huge holly tree and I know she will allow me to cut a few sprigs.  I also decided we could make a Christmas Swag to hang on the shepherds hook we have at the cemetery.  I figured we could do that without adding much more cost.  The only thing we had to buy was some floral wire, ribbon, and a silk poinsettia bush.

We went to Walmart and was able to get everything we needed for about $10.00.  If I had not bought a ready made ribbon our cost would have been lower. We gathered all the stuff we needed and got to work. We think they turned out even better than what we had originally planned. We like them so well we thought we would share them with you and also show you how we made them.

We were very happy with how they turned out.  We would love to hear other ideas for beautiful grave decorations to create on a budget. 

 To show how we created these arrangements we made a separate post, Christmas Grave Decorations On A Budget


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