Thursday, November 13, 2014

How To Place Images as Smart Objects and Create Clipping Masks in Photoshop and Free Blog Board Template

Hello friends! Today we have begun adding our new and improved photography storyboard templates to the Three Gypsy Souls Etsy Store. Our templates are designed with photographers in mind, and they are available for commercial use.

Our new and improved storyboard templates allow for easy placement of your photographs. These templates use the File > Place command to easily add photos directly into your template. Keep reading for detailed instructions.

To celebrate our new addition we are sharing this free blog board template with you, just click on the image to download.

How To Place Images as Smart Objects and Create Clipping Masks in Photoshop Using Our Storyboard Templates

Open one of Three Gypsy Souls’ templates in Adobe Photoshop.

In your layers palette, select the “img 1” layer. 

 Select your layer mask thumbnail and Ctrl + Click (on a PC) or Command + Click (on a Mac). 

You will now see the marching ants around your layer selection. From your menu bar select File > Place then select the folder where your images are located; select your image and press enter.  

      Your image will open in the center of your “img 1” layer. Adjust the size of your image by dragging from any corner of your photo. To maintain your photos proper proportions hold the shift key as you resize your image. Once you adjust your image to the proper size click Enter.

In your layers palette, select your image layer then right click and select Create Clipping Mask. Or use the shortcut, CTRL + ALT + G (on PC) Command +G (on Mac).

Your image is now clipped and fitted to the placeholder. You may move and resize your photo within the clipping mask as needed. 

Just follow these steps for each image you would like to add to your template.

Once you have placed all of your images exactly the way you want them to appear, save your document by going to File >Save As and save your file as a jpg. Your document is now ready to print!

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Our templates are available for personal or commercial use. You may use our templates to create products for yourself or clients, however you may not resell or share our templates.

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