Wednesday, November 5, 2014

$5 and Under Christmas Gift Idea

Each year around Christmas I scour the Pinterest boards in search of unique Christmas gift ideas for my daughter's teacher. This year I found this simple yet amazing gift idea...a flashlight! I love this idea for two reasons:

#1. It is a useful item. I mean, who couldn't use a flashlight?
#2. It is very inexpensive! Lil Gypsy and I found the cutest mini LED flashlights at Lowe's Home Improvement store for $3.97 that we couldn't resist.

For this project, I found my inspiration here, and made it my own. First, I created my own saying, "Wishing you a bright holiday season!" Then, I attached the flashlight to my scrapbook paper by using a zip tie instead of glue dots.

And...ta-da, here is my Christmas gift for my dd teacher this year, and all for under $5.00!


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