Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY Halloween Graveyard

In our family Halloween just isn't Halloween without a spooky graveyard. This year we had a zombie attack in the graveyard, so it got a bit gory!  All of the credit for this awesome DIY Halloween graveyard goes to our Lil Gypsy (age 9) and her daddy. The headstones in this graveyard were cut from scrap wood we had laying around, and then we spray painted them for effect.

Scary names such as Bea A. Fraid and Ima Gonner were carved into the wooden headstones with a router tool.

The Lil Gypsy decided a bloody graveyard would be a great scary addition, so she created the story of a zombie attack and added red paint splatters to EVERYTHING!

The headstones and fence are attached to rebar making them easy to poke into the ground and easy to reuse for next year.

Most of the embellishments such as the rats, crows, spiders, skeletons, flowers, and body parts all were purchased at the Dollar Tree and attached with a hot glue gun!

On some headstones we used Krylon Stone paint for a weathered old stone effect. We purchased ours from Lowe's but you can find it at Walmart too.

Lil Gypsy may have went overboard on the blood splatter! 

On Halloween we will have our fog machine running and some purple lighting to add a spooky vibe for our guests MUHAHA!
We hope you enjoyed our SPOOKY graveyard. 


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